History of Reincarnation / The Beatles & Deeper Beliefs

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History of Reincarnation / The Beatles & Deeper Beliefs

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Mark Anthony, the 'Psychic Lawyer,' is a medium who specializes in communication with spirits. In the first half, he discussed the history of the belief in reincarnation, which religious traditions have accepted or rejected, and stories of past life regression and recall. He finds evidence for reincarnation in the testimonies of people who have come back from near-death experiences, as well as in his psychic readings in which spirits have frequently asserted the reality of past lives. Anthony referred to the idea of an "electromagnetic soul" as a coherent quantum field that doesn't dissipate upon physical death but is transferred from one form to another. He talked about how many religions from India have embraced reincarnation and that the Dalai Lama has said reincarnation isn't just a Hindu or Buddhist concept but rather part of the history of human origin.

The early Christian religion kept references to reincarnation out of the Bible, he noted, though certain passages like the Transfiguration have a definite mystical quality to them. Currently, 51% of the world's population believes in reincarnation, including 33% of Americans, he cited. Anthony delved into ways to recall past lives, which include PLR (Past Life Regression) therapy, and how young children spontaneously recall specific details of an earlier life, such as in the James Leininger case, where he had vivid memories of being a WWII pilot. "Some people have very clear memories of prior lives," he commented, and "some have a sense of deja vu...phobias with no apparent cause," as well as natural talents like Mozart, who was composing songs at just four years old. During the second hour, Anthony gave readings for callers.


Joanne DiMaggio has been actively involved with Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) since 1987. From 1964 to 1972, she was the president of a Beatles Fan Club. In the latter half, she talked about her experiences at the Fan Club, the influence of the Beatles music, and how the band may have planted a seed leading her and many others to pursue deeper beliefs. The Beatles opened us to new ideas, she said, sometimes subliminally in their lyrics. "I had no idea when I had the Beatles club that so much was being actually said about their spiritual beliefs" in their music until she reflected on it years later.

She recalled the Beatles' pilgrimage to India and how many fans, including herself, didn't understand it at the time. George Harrison had a particular affinity for the country and felt he lived there in a previous lifetime, she said. After the trip, the Beatles started practicing transcendental meditation, and their music began changing. That's when "the depth of that profound spiritual evolution that they were going through was revealed," DiMaggio continued. She said their music inspired her to question some of the beliefs of her Catholic upbringing and re-ignited her interest in metaphysical books that she'd had as an adolescent. Their music also allowed her to enter a kind of altered state without drugs. "It just set me to a whole different level of understanding of how the universe operated," she mused.

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