Mind-Body Disorder / Pyramid Technology

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Mind-Body Disorder / Pyramid Technology

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In the first half, Dr. David D. Clarke, MD, discussed treating pain and illness that are not due to disease or injury. He argued that these conditions are generated in the body by the brain because of unrecognized present-day or past stress or trauma, and shared how to combat these psychophysiologic disorders (PPD). Such mind-body conditions, which can go undetected by standard medical diagnostics, develop "because of changes in the nerve circuits in the brain that are brought about by stress that you might not even fully recognize," he noted. Comparing the condition to phantom limb pain, he said evidence from magnetic resonance imaging of the brain shows how neural circuits can become physically altered.

He spoke about how adverse childhood experiences can have a long-term impact, as it can be difficult to shake off certain anxieties when they are established at an early age. Clarke detailed a case of a woman who suffered from dizziness and vomiting, but no one was able to diagnose what was wrong. He learned that her mother had been emotionally and verbally abusive to her as a child, and as an adult, whenever she drove near her mother's town, she would become ill. "In her case, just bringing that into conscious awareness was enough to cure her problem," he reported. If you think you may have PPD or a mind-body disorder, Dr. Clarke offers a 12-question self-assessment quiz on his website. He also recommended the mobile app Curable.


Engineer Christopher Dunn has published dozens of articles on ancient technology and has appeared on numerous TV programs. In the latter half, he shared his theory that the Great Pyramid of Giza harmonized seismic energy, which enabled the harvesting of electricity like a power plant, and was also involved in the mitigation of earthquakes (view related images). He suggested that the ancient Egyptians generated clean power for their civilization and that the innovative inventor Nikola Tesla drew from some of the same techniques for his technology. The Great Pyramid doesn't resemble a tomb or a building that would involve much human activity because of the shape of the shafts and the passageways, Dunn pointed out.

He has concluded that the pyramid builders observed the phenomenon of "earthquake lights" and learned to stress igneous rocks in order to harvest the resulting electron flow. The energy, Dunn continued, was then generated in the King's Chamber, the central chamber of the Great Pyramid. He pondered a future in which we could power cars and devices through wireless energy rather than holding it in a battery. This might occur through a Tesla-like device powered by the lithosphere or a pyramid with a dome drawing energy from inside the earth, he mused.

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