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In the first half, clinical psychologist and author Joseph Gallenberger discussed his research into psychokinesis (PK), remote viewing (RV), intuition, and the power of luck. He described remote viewing as getting desired or relevant information independent of time and location. PK by contrast is applying your intention through non-physical energy, and includes affecting dice and slot machines, metal bending, energy healing, and remote influencing. So PK is a little more active, and RV is more of an intuitional type of sense, he continued. The two skills can play off each other, he added, and if you get good at one, the other may develop simultaneously.

Regarding heightening one's luck in a casino, RV or intuition takes the lead of deciding which slot speaks to you, and the exact nanosecond to pull. PK takes the lead in visualizing a distinct hand at a specific time and sending energy to create the desired result, he explained. In one PK experiment they conducted at a Las Vegas casino, they attempted to roll dice to try to get a pair without getting a seven (seven should come up once in every six rolls by chance). "We had a lady roll 48 times in a row with no seven," he marveled. Gallenberger said he has developed a "liquid luck" meditation to help people manifest good fortune by fostering an attitude of gratitude, abundance, and compassion.


Author and ufologist Glenn Steckling is the director of the sixty-year + George Adamski Foundation, one of the oldest enduring UFO organizations. In the latter half, he shared his findings in his longstanding UFO research and pointed out some of what he believes is misinformation and disinformation in the field. Adamski, he noted, was well known in the 1950s contactee movement, and shot numerous clear photos of UFOs (view related images). Steckling's parents worked with Adamski, and also had their own sightings and encounters. Glenn said his current mission is to educate the public regarding "accurate" UFO historical information and documentation as opposed to substituting with "science fiction, wishful thinking, or vivid imagination."

He believes that many people have adopted notions from Hollywood films such as aliens are evil, or fantastical sci-fi ideas that ETs come from other dimensions, which he has concluded is not borne out by the evidence. Steckling noted that the term 'flying saucer' did not actually originate with the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting of 1947 but was first used to describe a craft seen in 1878 in Denison, TX. Regarding the alleged 1954 meeting of Eisenhower with an ET contingent – it was not a deal to trade human DNA and bodies for their technology, but rather the ETs offered a limited amount of technology in return for an agreement that we would suspend our nuclear testing program, but Eisenhower turned them down, Steckling recounted. Speaking of their spaceship technology, he said they can travel at extremely high speeds, sometimes so fast we can no longer see them. Some of their ships are enormous-- up to 30 miles long, he revealed, but they travel with an extended field around them that can be 5-10 times the size of their ship, which protects them from any debris or meteorites.

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