Nightly Bigfoot Encounters

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Nightly Bigfoot Encounters

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Imagine having a Bigfoot visiting you every night for ten years. That's exactly what happened to Elaine and her son Sierra when they lived in East Texas. They joined guest host Connie Willis (info) on Friday's program to discuss how each night a Bigfoot visited them and how, after moving to Southern Colorado, the visitations stopped. They also played audio clips of purported Bigfoot sounds.

Elaine recalled their first Bigfoot encounter when Sierra was in kindergarten. They observed a creature leaping across a fence, wearing what appeared to be a blue checkered flannel shirt. This initial sighting sparked their awareness of Bigfoot activity in their area. Subsequent encounters included hearing strange screams and encountering the creature face-to-face, leading Elaine to conclude the creature lived underground near their property.

Elaine delved into the nature of Bigfoot behavior, including its apparent curiosity about humans, as evidenced by frequent visits to Elaine and Sierra's property. She reported instances of Bigfoot interacting with their belongings, such as unplugging lights and breaking light bulbs. Elaine mentioned finding Bigfoot scat regularly.

Sierra remembered instances where friends would leave his house due to the eerie sounds in the forest. He also described incidents from friends, such as a boat mysteriously turning around in a yard and a car seemingly being body-blocked by an unseen force. Sierra claimed to have seen a white Bigfoot with yellow eyes, describing a chilling encounter where the creature stared at him before lowering itself out of sight behind hay bales.

The encounters with Bigfoot occurred primarily at night. Both Elaine and Sierra maintained a sense of humor about their experiences and expressed a willingness to share their stories with others. The two have come to an acceptance and understanding of the creatures' presence in their lives, despite the unsettling nature of the encounters.

The final hour of the show featured Open Lines.

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