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In the first half, geopolitical analyst Brandon J. Weichert, whose work includes briefing the DoD and various private groups on national security and emerging technology issues, discussed the threat of space weapons and various conflicts facing the US. The State Department recently issued a warning that Russia was planning to develop a nuclear space weapon that could be used to destroy satellites. Russia may be thinking they can expedite the war with Ukraine using this weaponry by knocking out America and NATO's satellites, Weichert suggested. They might focus on taking out the Starlink satellite capability that Ukraine's military relies on. Another scenario could be that Russia is trying to bluff that they have this system as a tactic to get the US and NATO to the negotiating table to end the Ukraine conflict, he added.

The talked-about Russian space technology may be the equivalent of an EMP weapon, Weichert cautioned, which possibly could be used to take down US power grids. The rivals of the US, including Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea, may be planning a "cyber 9-11 attack" during 2024 while America is in its election cycle. They are currently probing our networks looking for weaknesses to exploit in preparation for a larger attack, he stated. China is a worrisome threat, Weichert commented, as not only do they plan to conquer their region but they seek to displace the US as the world's dominant power, and they have the money to do so whereas Russia does not. We should not forget, he continued, that Iran and North Korea both have space programs, ballistic missiles, and nuclear weapons that could be deployed in space for EMP attacks.


In the latter half, clairvoyant medium Kim Dennis shared how she came to accept her calling as a medium and the many messages she has received from talking to spirits and helping people. Our loved ones still live on in the afterlife after they have left their physical body, she explained, and when they die, it is the right time for their soul, even if it's not an optimal time for those still alive, such as when a young person dies. In her encounters, she generally finds spirits to be in a positive frame of mind, as that is part of the nature of the afterlife realm. Dennis described having numerous out-of-body experiences when she was younger, and in two of them she visited heaven. "One of the most interesting things I saw there was colors that don't exist here on Earth," she revealed, and it was an incredibly harmonious place filled with unconditional love.

One of her goals is to help grieving people by connecting them with their loved ones through readings, and assuring them that the departed are OK. She detailed a case of when a 20-year-old girl died in a car accident and she had read for her family. Then, around Christmas time two years ago, the spirit girl visited her and kept showing her "dipping chocolate." Dennis reached out to the girl's mother and found out that it had just been the anniversary of the daughter's death and the family had commemorated it over chocolate fondue. She also talked about some cases where she worked with families as a psychic detective to find missing people, and gave readings to callers in the last hour.

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