Recognizing Spiritual Experiences / Open Lines

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Recognizing Spiritual Experiences / Open Lines

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Dr. Jonathan Ellerby has over 20 years of experience in the fields of holistic healing, spiritual counseling, integrative medicine, and corporate consulting. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss how to recognize spiritual experiences and integrate them into daily life for spiritual growth, healing, humility, inspiration, resilience, and interconnection.

Ellerby delved into the reasons why people often overlook or dismiss non-ordinary experiences. He mentioned neurological factors and explained how familiarity plays a role in what individuals notice or pay attention to, citing an example of an architect noticing details in a grocery store's construction that go unnoticed by regular shoppers. He touched on sociocultural influences, noting how societal conditioning often steers individuals away from valuing or acknowledging non-ordinary experiences, leading many to ignore or downplay them due to societal pressures or past negative experiences.

Ellerby shared personal experiences to illustrate his points, recounting a moment where he felt a presence in his hotel room, which prompted him to reflect on the significance of such encounters. He emphasized the importance of recognizing, reflecting on, and integrating such experiences into one's life to derive meaning from them. In addition, Ellerby discussed the inherent discomfort some may feel when confronted with non-ordinary states, as these experiences challenge conventional perceptions and identities and can evoke fear or discomfort.

Ellerby provided an overview of different types of spiritual experiences, ranging from moments of profound insight to encounters with divine beings or realms beyond ordinary perception. He reported on research into the relationship between neurodivergence and spiritual experiences, highlighting the potential for identifying individuals with aptitudes for specific types of spiritual experiences through brain scans. He emphasized the importance of understanding spirituality as an innate aspect of human experience.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Stan in South Dakota shared a personal revelation about repressing bad memories and emphasized the importance of allowing both good and bad memories to surface for healing and personal growth. He highlighted the prevalence of trauma and abuse in America and the need for therapy to help people reach their full potential. Stan also emphasized valuing and loving individuals regardless of their past experiences.

A caller named David reminisced about his father's service with the Airborne Rangers alongside Fred Rogers and Bob Ross. He shared a strange experience he had in Idaho Falls around 2008, when all radio stations were playing music from the 1920s or 1930s instead of their usual programming. David recalled hearing news broadcasts mentioning an atmospheric event and wondered if anyone else experienced it. Richard speculated about the possibility of a time slip or time dilation as a cause for the strange radio phenomenon David experienced.

Shana is in Missouri shared her experiences communicating with orbs and receiving messages telepathically from them. She emphasized the importance of aligning head and heart in various aspects of life, including politics, personal life, and finances. She described herself as a channel and a medium with abilities such as remote viewing and receiving direct messages from spirits. She also mentioned undergoing reviews and background checks due to the nature of her abilities, which she believes intensified around 2019.

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