Dorothy Kilgallen & JFK / Spirit Guides

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Dorothy Kilgallen & JFK / Spirit Guides

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In the first half, investigative reporter Mark Shaw shared his latest research, which suggests that celebrated reporter Dorothy Kilgallen was a threat to the powerful men who orchestrated and then covered up the JFK assassination. While authorities blamed Kilgallen's untimely death in 1965 on a combination of alcohol and barbiturates, there were numerous suspicious details that led Shaw to conclude she was murdered by those who wished to silence her. Kilgallen, who interviewed Jack Ruby and attended his trial, had uncovered information that refuted the idea that Oswald had acted alone in JFK's assassination and had a book contract with Random House to reveal her findings.

Further, Shaw noted, Kilgallen was planning to publish an exposé about corruption at the Warren Commission, which had originally planned to announce that there was dissent among their members in their final conclusion that Oswald acted alone. Shaw reported that respected NYC councilman Robert Holden may request that NYC DA Alvin Bragg conduct a thorough investigation of Kilgallen's death. This new look into her death could include the revelation by forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden (who was part of the team that did the autopsy on Kilgallen) that characterizing her death as an overdose was wrong. "We didn't know what happened. That should never had been told to the media," he told Shaw.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist and past life regressionist Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed our spirit guides and how we can contact them through hypnosis for psychic protection and spiritual growth. According to Goldberg, as we evolve in our life, we receive different spirit guides, who are specialists in various areas. Among the different types of guides, he included the Doctor guides, who deal with mental and emotional healing, the Gatekeepers, who assist you in spiritual protection from negative entities and evil forces, and the Method guides, who help in developing our psychic intuition and receiving messages from the other side.

Goldberg said he trains patients to build a "sanctuary like a conference room in the fifth dimension," in which their higher self can bring in a needed spirit guide or positive entity. He shared tips on how one can differentiate a higher entity from a lower astral one. After contact with the higher beings, "you're always left feeling confident and empowered. All messages and advice are designed to give you more freedom to choose your actions." With the lower ones, "they will want you to accept their teachings a cult mentality," and they may flatter and patronize you, but they will leave you uncomfortable in many ways. Goldberg also shared his belief that our ultimate purpose of being on the Earth plane is to ascend. The mechanism of ascension is initiated "by modulating the level of consciousness or frequency vibrational rate of our soul so that it's perfectly balanced; all karma is removed," he stated.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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