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Disappearances in WA State / Ghost Communications

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Investigator David Paulides has focused his attention for the last ten years on the compelling evidence that there is an unusual set of circumstances for many of the missing that vanish in the wilderness. In the first half, he shared his newest research into mysterious disappearances in Washington state and elsewhere and the odd details that surround these vanishings. Paulides said he has compiled various "profile points" around the cases that come up repeatedly, though they don't apply to every case. These include weather events at the time of the disappearance, missing clothes or shoes, many of the disappeared have an illness or disability that isn't obvious, and a "point of separation" where the person is out of sight or goes a different way. Among those that are found alive, they typically don't remember how they went missing or what happened, and if they are found dead, it's generally in or adjacent to a body of water.

He detailed a 1999 case when two experienced and well-equipped mountain climbers, Chris Hartonas and Raymond Vakili, disappeared near Camp Muir on Mount Rainier. Helicopters and canines were used in the initial 10-day search, but nothing was found. Paulides found this remark from the National Park Service rather sobering: "This is the fourth serious incident on the Muir snowfield in 1999. It's difficult to speculate what exactly happened to the men, and it's perplexing when two experienced, cautious, and mature climbers just disappear." Among other curiosities in cases, he said there were a series of intellectuals who vanished, including about six physicists who were all German. Paulides also touched on a case where workers on Weyerhaeuser property, west of Mount. St. Helens saw a UFO pick up and remove an elk. The witnesses all expressed concern that they could be next.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her interview with Adam Berry, one of the first to blend research of both the psychological and the supernatural worlds. He shared his research on the Other Side, the intersections between grief, death, and afterlife communication, and the importance of humanizing ghosts and understanding their point of view. "I believe that if I use the right equipment, the right techniques, I can communicate with the dead," he told Cheryll, adding that near-death experiences and dream visitations lend further evidence to the idea that our consciousness continues after death. His focus has been on ghosts or earthbound spirits who may have unfinished business, which keeps them lingering around.

For these spirits, "we can see human traits and their wants and needs that mirror our own," Berry continued. He described a case where a person lived in a house that was formerly home to two Polish immigrants who had passed away and were haunting rooms in the basement. It turned out the spirits were disturbed by renovations being done in the house, but once it was explained to them, they reached an understanding. In a case in Florida, children were seeing ghostly activity, and Berry and his team learned that a previous homeowner had died of mold exposure and was trying to warn the current inhabitants. He also talked about how spirits often say there are no words to describe what the afterlife is like, which be can be frustrating for us on the earth plane.

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