Supernatural Tales / Types of UFO Craft

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Supernatural Tales / Types of UFO Craft

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In the first half, Dave Schrader, paranormal expert, and former Coast to Coast AM host, joined George Knapp to share tales of paranormal forces interweaving with our world, including ghostly visitations, monsters, and unexplained supernatural encounters. Schrader, who revealed having personal experiences with the paranormal from an early age, has collected accounts told to him by witnesses as well as his own for his new book, Theater of the Mind: Tales from the Darkness. One of his strange encounters occurred when he was recovering from surgery in the hospital. In his hospital room, when closing his eyes, he could see a group of about 14 spirit beings pacing around. They were a washed-out gray color, and though they were trying to communicate with him, he was unable to understand them, which frustrated them. While he acknowledged he was on painkillers at the time, his memory of the incident was very clear and not foggy.

One of his insights from this incident and others is that spirit beings often just want to be heard and recognized. "That's why I show such respect and reverence to haunted locations because some of these spirits that lash out, I think, are more out of frustration than they are trying to actually hurt or terrify us," he said. Schrader recalled a story told to him about a man who reluctantly attended psychic fairs with his wife, but the psychics would always refuse to give him a reading. Finally, one admitted that the man had a "dark being" that was attached to him, possibly for a long time, and this caused the man to look at parts of his life differently. Schrader also related how, as a radio host, he learned to understand that even with the most outlandish stories, such as when a caller said he'd been terrified by a 4 ft. tall frog creature, these experiences can be very real and powerful to them.


In the latter half, Chris Evers, editor of Outer Limits Magazine, presented reports of unidentified craft, and the extraordinary number of different shapes and sizes they come in. He recounted an early sighting that occurred back in 1215 AD in Japan during the execution of a priest. Just as the priest was about to be beheaded, a silvery disc was seen in the sky, and because of the unusual event, he was let go rather than killed. Other early sightings include that of Emperor Constantine, who witnessed a flying cross. "We tend to view these sightings with the technology and the beliefs that we have at the time we are witnessing them," he commented, though he added another 'flying cross' sighting was seen again in 1967 in the county of Devon, in the UK, by a photographic expert. Simultaneous witnesses may describe an object's shape differently, as George pointed out how this occurred with some of the aerial phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch.

The recent military reports of a 'Tic Tac'-shaped UFO are a kind of modern equivalent of the cigar-shaped craft, Evers remarked. He detailed a fascinating mass sighting at an Italian soccer game in 1952, when multiple aerial objects, including egg and cigar-shaped craft, were seen by thousands over the stadium. A kind of silver glitter fell from the sky that was described as "angel hair." Some called it flying spiders, which Evers think David Bowie may have picked up on for his band name, "The Spiders from Mars" for the Ziggy Stardust album. A fleet of stubby cigar-shaped objects were also seen in '52 at a school in Batley, England. Evers noted that black triangular craft have been seen for decades, and that a V-shaped formation somewhat akin to the Phoenix Lights was observed in Ireland in 2022.


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