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Green Breakdown / UFOs & Project Doorway

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In the first half, author, researcher on environmental issues, and former engineer and business executive, Steve Goreham offered commentary on climate change and shared his contention that we are on the verge of a "Green Breakdown." The idea that we can get rid of coal, oil, and natural gas and replace it with wind and solar is not a realistic goal, he maintained. Because of these goals, natural gas plants are declining in capacity, and this could lead to an over-dependence on electricity, and the larger demand will cause blackouts, he cautioned. Some have said that the huge "atmospheric river" storms that hit California this past winter were due to human-made global warming, but Goreham pointed out that the state has a history of massive floods in the past, long before greenhouse gas emissions from cars and industry were an issue.

He said the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide isn't a very good predictor of global temperatures, as when you look at geologic history, there have been periods in the distant past when we had much higher levels. Further, he argued that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but rather a harmless gas that plants thrive on. Goreham reported on lawsuits conducted in various states and cities trying to hold enterprises like oil companies liable for climate change damage. So far these lawsuits have been defeated and not proved very effective as it's difficult for the plaintiffs to show direct causation and damage. Goreham was also critical of the push for electric vehicles, noting difficulties in charging on the road, the expensive repair cost, and the increased usage strain on the power companies.


In the latter half, one of the UK's most respected researchers of the unexplained, Stephen Mera discussed Project Doorway, in which he and co-investigator Barry Fitzgerald explore UFO phenomena and its connections to the paranormal, cryptids, and anomalies. He detailed how magnetic and gravitational anomalies have been associated with UFO incidents. Data indicates that many UFO sightings occur in remote locations such as the mountains or deserts, and rather than coming from space, they appear to pop into our reality and then pop out of it. Mera believes that the UFO visitations may come through a kind of doorway or portal with an associated magnetic field (something akin to this is used for rooms for recovering hospital patients with a doorway containing a positive magnetic field that repels bacteria).

After a UFO disappears, it leaves a vacuum in space that is measurable with gravitational anomalies, he said, and in their investigations, they sometimes use a displacement meter or probe that captures differentials in the environment. Mera reported on an AI study that looked for answers regarding the paranormal and UFOs. The results suggested that there was a great deal of interconnectivity in the phenomena and that it all came from one source, which has the capability of creating physiological constructs as well as metaphysical effects. That's why we see evidence of both physical traces and apparitional or spiritual aspects in various cases, he explained. For more information, check out Steve's Project Doorway podcast/YouTube channel.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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