Noah's Flood Mysteries / Spirits & Negative Thoughts

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Noah's Flood Mysteries / Spirits & Negative Thoughts

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President of Genesis Apologetics, Dan Biddle, Ph.D., is the executive producer of a new film about Noah's Ark and the biblical flood. In the first half, he shared his view about what happened during this worldwide cataclysmic flood, culled from history, science, and his biblical interpretation. He noted that the Roman-Jewish historian Josephus reported that people would wear amulets and bring back relics from wood from Noah's Ark. However, the Ark has probably since been destroyed in post-Ice Age flooding, or perhaps it's still hidden under sheets of ice, Biddle remarked. Based on measurements described in the Bible, the Ark was a kind of barge, about 500 feet long and depending on different interpretations was built somewhere between 4400 and 5200 years ago, he said.

During the Great Flood, there was torrential rain for 40 days, and "the fountains of the great deep were open for 150 days," which is when the ocean ribs were breaching and the continents were pushed apart, he continued. Along with the pairs of animals brought aboard the Ark, the only humans were Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their three wives, and it was from these eight people that the planet was repopulated, he asserted. The Bible, he added, stated that Noah (said to live to age 950) was the only righteous one in his generation, and he took 55-75 years to ready the Ark. The flood was God's plan to reset humanity, which had become infused with an evil nature, he explained.


In the latter half, emotional clearing expert, practicing exorcist, and professional psychic Jeffrey Seelman discussed his work on the power of negative thoughts and the nature of our thoughts; how they are shaped, how they affect ourselves and others, and how they can be easily hijacked by bad actors and negative spirits. People aren't taught to manage or watch their thoughts, so sometimes they can get out of control, he pointed out. This is when we might do things we wouldn't normally do or get angry out of proportion to an incident. Seelman recommended that we practice "shaping" our thoughts, which makes them stronger by directing energy to them. By looking at our thoughts, we can determine very quickly if they are positive and if what we're about to say is going to be constructive to somebody else, he noted.

While our thoughts can be affected negatively by those around us and in the media, we are also susceptible to influence from negative spirits (deceased humans), as well as demonic spirits, powerful entities that "like to break in to our emotional thoughts in order to amplify them with feelings like rage and anger, to throw them completely out of control," he maintained. Negative and demonic spirits communicate with a natural form of telepathy, he explained, but we may not be aware that certain negative thoughts and feelings are coming from them rather than ourselves. To protect from this, he suggested strengthening one's energy field or aura, which would make a person less likely to be swayed by a negative spirit. He also talked about how individuals can become temporarily possessed, such as when they black out from alcohol or substance abuse.

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