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JFK Forensic Analysis / ET Agendas

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In the first half, authors Jerome Corsi and Dr. David Mantik discussed the assassination of John F. Kennedy and presented forensic evidence that in Dallas, two shots were fired from the front and one shot was fired from the rear, exposing a sixty-year cover-up. Mantik, a radiation oncologist, was able to examine JFK skull X-rays kept at the National Archives and, based on his thorough study of them, concluded that they were altered to disguise evidence that two lethal frontal gunshots hit JFK. Mantik used a technique called optical densitometry, which had never been applied to the JFK autopsy X-rays. "We have now clear evidence the Warren Commission lied," Corsi declared. Mantik said in the X-ray that he spotted a 6.5-millimeter nearly round object in the skull's right orbit. This was presumably a bullet fragment, never recorded in the autopsy report.

While doctors who examined Kennedy in Dallas had said it was a frontal shooting, by the time his body got to Washington, the government changed the story to reflect that Oswald had shot him from the back as the motorcade passed the Texas Book Depository, Corsi explained. Because the frontal shots came through the windshield of the limousine, the Secret Service made sure that no one could get near the vehicle, and it was flown to Dearborn, Michigan, where the windshield was replaced in order to eliminate the evidence, he continued. As to who was behind the assassination, Corsi speculated that it was a combined operation of the Mob, the CIA, and the military-industrial complex.


Part of the covert governance scene in Europe for almost a decade, Tim Tactics says he has been privy to highly classified projects and directly involved with exopolitics, including behind-the-scenes ET contacts. In the latter half, he spoke about the ongoing disclosure movement, ET agendas, the secret history of Earth's past, and planetary changes we can expect in the future. Regarding alien abductions, he suggested they can mostly be viewed as positive contact experiences rather than abductions, and he estimates that in North America alone, some 30 million people have had at least one form of contact. For many, however, the memory of this contact has been blocked from their conscious recall, he noted. About 95% of the alien races are in the range of "socially acceptable," he cited, while 5% are more problematic.

He detailed contacts with an experimental "inter-frequential" life form known as 'B6' (being-six), which first began in Europe in the 1930s as a kind of spirit contact project. Our planet has been under the influence of certain ETs for some time, he stated, and some of this has to do with their concern over humans' warrior-like aspects. According to Tactics, there was an effort by groups in Europe to identify the cause of disharmonies within the Earth system. Evidence suggested that this imbalanced condition on the planet stemmed from a millennia-old installed artificial system, which clandestinely hindered the evolution of humanity, he revealed. This system, he added, was created by one ET species who sought to deter the rise of humanity, as they were concerned we might turn out to be their competitors.

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