Maintaining Health / Communicating with Thoth

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Maintaining Health / Communicating with Thoth

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals our bodies need to maintain good health. He was critical of a recent study on the effects of intermittent fasting, which connected the practice to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. Fuchs said the study was faulty because it didn't consider what people were eating, just when they did. Micronutrients and supplements can be more important than calories, he added. He connected the problem of tinnitus (ear ringing) to inflammation in the body and gut health issues.

Fuchs suggested that nutritional supplements, not herbs, are most effective for blood sugar control, particularly B vitamins, chromium, and vanadium, as well as selenium and MSM. "All of these not only support insulin," but they also help the body process sugar on its own, he noted. Eating an assortment of different colored fruits and vegetables brings in a variety of nutrients and protects the skin from the sun, he commented. He also recommended whey protein mix for both athletes and older people, as it contains factors that build up the immune system and the body's strength.


Renaissance woman Pat Heydlauff left a stressful position in the corporate world to search for balance and a deeper meaning in life. In the latter half, she detailed her conversations with the ancient Egyptian god, Thoth, which first came about through her journaling practice. She learned that Thoth was originally an Atlantean and has been around for several millennia. "He's known as not only the god of wisdom and knowledge," but also magic and mathematics, "and that made him the perfect guide for me," she remarked. One of Thoth's most significant messages for us today is that we are missing a connection to ourselves, our families, our communities, and especially to the Creator.

Thoth has been pictured with the head of a bird, and that is how he has appeared to Heydlauff, though she said this is akin to a costume, and sometimes he takes off the headpiece and has the face of a handsome man. Thoth stressed the importance of family and said that the use of electronic equipment of young people in the family should be minimized. He also said to learn to grow and eat food as close to nature as possible, she recounted. Thoth has recommended a number of tools, including meditation and quieting the mind, such as by looking at a candle flame, as well as manifestation, ancient wisdom, astrology, numerology, harmonics, sacred geometry, and crystals. Heydlauff also described how Thoth took her as his guest to a celebration on a planet in another galaxy where the inhabitants looked like "Lego people." They traveled there in a craft that catapulted into space so quickly that Earth was out of sight in a matter of seconds, she marveled.

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