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In the first half, ecological biologist and expert in alternative fuels and sustainable agriculture, David Blume reported on why electric vehicles (EVs) are losing popularity and food prices continue to rise. He shared his concerns about the environmental impact of electric cars, noting that the vehicles have very heavy batteries, which cause the tires to wear out faster. "It turned out that thousands of pounds...of hydrocarbon rubber dust was released into the atmosphere from the speed of the tires breaking down," and this was releasing more pollution into the air than a gasoline car, he contended. In Europe, many car manufacturers are ending or reducing their electric car production because of poor sales, and customer problems, he added.

Blume also pointed out that the lithium mining needed for the EVs is creating a toxic situation for the miners, and the mines are running out of the mineral. As a more ecological power source, he highlighted the use of renewable natural gas, which is cleaner than other fuels like coal. Blume also praised using fermented plant material to produce alcohol as a biofuel, which can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the burning of fossil fuels. On the subject of food prices, he suggested that they would not be going down any time soon, as the cost of chemical fertilizers has increased partially in relation to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.


In the latter half, author and filmmaker Rich Martini presented his latest work and research on communicating with otherworldly entities and ETs via the use of hypnosis and guided meditation. He reported on new studies that indicate the brain may filter out information unrelated to our survival. However, people like the medium he closely works with, Jennifer Shaffer, can bypass these filters, fostering their communication with the Other Side. In conversations with people who are placed in a guided meditation state, they have spoken of a Divine Council, a group of spiritual entities who watch over us, and sometimes, when meeting with the Council, they see aliens or individuals who have never incarnated on Earth, he recounted.

Regarding the aliens known as the Greys, Martini has learned that they appear to be AI-created machines whose task is to collect DNA the way people donate blood to the Red Cross. In the case of abductions, the aliens say that subjects knew them from before and agreed prior to their incarnation to help. He also noted that the ET presences frequently speak about humanity taking care to save the Earth and how they need to "re-learn" the ability to telepathically communicate with plants and animals.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

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