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Douglas Mulhall is a co-founder of a biotech company, author, and researcher at several universities. In the first half, he discussed the latest results of a clinical trial using a naturally derived substance to stop deadly aneurysms, healthcare cover-ups and what you can do about them, how toxic metals can cause heart disease, and the FDA's failure to limit toxic metals in baby food. He also touched on the impacts of stress on health and the elasticity of our skin and other organs. He said the breakdown of this elastin, a protein that’s a major component of most tissue, can lead to various age-related health conditions. “When this elastin fiber starts to fall apart, as it does in all of us, that’s when we start to fall apart,” he explained. “It’s a major contributor to aging and chronic disease.” And, according to Mulhall, the major contributor to the breakdown of elastin in our skin and other organs is heavy metals, followed by chronic low-level infections. In Mulhall’s opinion, this makes it especially egregious that the FDA doesn’t take action to limit toxic metals in foods and other products – especially baby foods. Because while the body can continue to make new elastin for a while, Mulhall noted that the ability is reduced sometime between the ages of 25 and 30. After that, he said the body no longer makes new elastin, and the accumulated heavy metals in the body contribute to breaking down the existing elastin at a quicker rate. It isn’t just from food, either. Mulhall explained that the fumes released from burning coal, and even from the wood cooking fires of our ancestors, all contributed to the accumulation of metals in the body over the ages.

Mulhall also discussed a new therapy using a “naturally derived substance to repair the fiber in arteries that stops aneurysms from bursting in humans.” He noted that the last time he spoke on the program the treatment was going through preclinical testing. It’s now gone through early human trials, Mulhall said, claiming it has shown some success and is now in phase three clinical trials. “Let me be clear about this,” he said. “More than 50 million people around the world suffer from inoperable aneurysms, and the treatment is to wait until they’re about to burst and then cut you open… So, this is really exciting news.”


What’s it like being from another world? That’s a question Viviane Chauvet says she can answer. Chauvet says she is an advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar, and emissary for the Federation of Light, who advocates for planetary evolution. “I am a being who was returned in this lifetime in a human hybrid form, and I decided to come in this conduit, as a human expression, so I can work with people on the planet; helping to really support that amazing ascension process,” Chauvet explained. She said although at 5’9” she is on the tall side for a human, compared to her Arcturian form – which is more than twice that height – she is tiny, leading the other Arcturians to nickname her “Little Light” in this form. She explained that the Arcturians are not necessarily better than humans, but they were “very ancient,” and “one of the most advanced, and very spiritually enlightened, intergalactic groups.” She said they’ve been interacting with humanity and other groups for a very long time as well. She claimed the Arcturians had initiated this contact, which allowed her “physical vessel” to be “engineered directly… in collaboration with the human genetic lineage that we have been in collaboration with for many generations.” This is how her Arcturian consciousness was able to enter her current body.

According to Chauvet, her mission here is to serve as a diplomat. “The Earth is part of a very, very large cosmic project,” she explained. “You have to think, you’re talking about a cosmic intelligence that is so ancient. We have gained so much information and knowledge over time. So, we’re known as great ambassadors and diplomats, and oftentimes, we travel throughout the multiverse to really help and support different civilizations at different stages of conscious revolution. Or assist the birthing of a new system or a planet to come to the next level of expansion.” She then said the Earth has “entered in what we call the most probable ascension timeline.” Because of that, she explained, her people’s role was to “bring support, guidance, teachings, and to serve as anchor points.” This included monitoring our timeline and protecting our solar system. “We provide so many, multi-layered levels of worthwhile assistance,” she claimed. “More than meets the eye.”  

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