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Being An Empath / Channeled Dialogues

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Psychic psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff MD shared insights about being an empath – those who feel others' emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in their own bodies – and how to survive these crazy times with so many challenges. Empaths sometimes struggle with setting boundaries and feeling grounded in their own energy, and may benefit from training to protect themselves from a hostile environment, she said. Orloff, who identifies as an empath herself, said that empaths don't have the filters that others have and thus tend to get overwhelmed by a lot of the stress and the negative energy in the world. She explained that part of the work of boundary setting is learning to simply observe rather than absorb energy.

She shared ways for parents to spot if their child is an empath: The child may like to be alone, and "they sometimes have imaginary friends that they talk to, and they're very intuitive, and they would prefer not going to noisy...crowded places." Orloff outlined four types of empaths-- cognitive (empathy shown through the mind), emotional (feels emotions that others undergo), intuitive (able to read others' energy), and spiritual (sees other's spiritual or positive side). The conversation also touched on the dangers of narcissists and how empaths can be particularly susceptible to them, and the importance of recognizing this pattern in relationships. Empaths can be successful in business, but must prioritize self-care and set boundaries to avoid being drained by narcissists, she added.


In the latter half, author, researcher, and expert in ancient wisdom, Wynn Free discussed his ongoing series of dialogues with a channeled source who claims to have created the physical universe. The source, which identified as the Council of Elohim, came through his late partner Terry Brown. Tape-recorded conversations about spirituality and metaphysics with the Elohim (a name for God in the Old Testament) went on for years, and they declared that Terry was the reincarnation of the Catholic saint, Catherine of Sienna, who was supposedly channeling God to the priests in the churches of Sienna, Italy, Free recounted.

He also detailed instances where he believes the Elohim instigated miraculous healings. The Elohim are masterful at generating frequencies, and they can change outcomes on our planet through this process, he suggested. "They can expand to be as big as the galaxy and as small as an atom," he marveled. For more, check out Free's video documentary, Wynn Meets God, which includes an audio recording of one of Terry's channeling sessions.

During the last half-hour, George featured an excerpt from his 9/2/15 interview with Robert Fraize from the Traditional Church of Satan.

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