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Redirecting Your Life / ETs & UFO Hotspots

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Biomedical engineering professor at Harvard Medical School and MIT, Jeff Karp, PhD, shared insights to help people redirect their lives with energy, focus, creativity, motivation, intention, and impact. He calls his system LIT (Life Ignition Tools), a set of techniques to cut through inertia and make the brain more energized. He emphasized the importance of reconnecting with our senses to enhance well-being, and overcoming life's challenges through intentionality and mindfulness. It was during COVID that he realized he could start living differently or doing things better. He took stock of what was working in his life and what was holding him back. Following up on his wife's interest in spirituality, he started practicing Transcendental Meditation and developing better communication with his children by learning to listen to them more.

Karp also highlighted slowing down and savoring flavors and senses to connect with the world around us. One exercise for that is when walking in your neighborhood to cycle through specific senses such as sight or hearing, and make note of specific things you experience. "What I'm doing is...essentially re-sensitizing my aliveness," he explained. In our lives, we are inundated by marketing and advertising "trying to dictate to us what's important and to drive our decisions in terms of what we buy, and what we think," he remarked. This has served to disconnect us from the world, and "I think it's what's behind...the anxiety and the stress that we've experienced on a daily basis and the loneliness epidemic that we're up against," he continued. But Karp noted that as humans, we have an incredible degree of neuroplasticity-- that is, the ability to rewire our brains and course correct as needed.


In the latter half, ufologist and author Craig Campobasso delved into the fascinating world of extraterrestrials visiting Earth, and some of the most intriguing UFO hotspots on the planet. According to Campobasso, a staggering 82 different ET races have graced our planet, each with their unique characteristics and origins, including the Greys, the Nordics, and the Reptilians. Some of these beings are biological, others are part-organic and part-robotic, and some are under the control of certain species rather than independent entities, he revealed. The Nordics, for instance, are known for their towering height, and most hail from the Lyra, Pleiades, or Vega star systems. Despite their negative reputation, some of the Reptilians are actually benevolent, he noted.

The alien known as Valiant Thor was described by writer Frank Stranges as a divine being who came here on a mission to help eliminate disease and poverty, prolong people's lives, and warn about the dangers of atomic energy. Thor was said to meet with Pres. Eisenhower in 1957, as well as visit the Pentagon, where he was eventually given an office. Witnesses gave a similar description of meeting Thor-- "when you look at him, it's like he's looking through your being into your entire soul history," he recounted. Campobasso, who made a documentary about Valiant Thor called Stranger at the Pentagon, also shared his "bucket list" of favorite UFO-related places, including the Integratron and Giant Rock (located near each other in the Southern California desert).

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