Aliens, Hybrids & Paranormal Activity

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Aliens, Hybrids & Paranormal Activity

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John Ventre was a 10-year multi-State director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss his journey into the UFO field, related paranormal experiences, and alien hybridization. Ventre revealed his interest in UFOs was triggered by his work on a book about the Mayan calendar which introduced him to the concept of Star People. He delved into some of his own experiences, including out-of-body encounters and mysterious occurrences at UFO conferences and MUFON symposiums. Ventre reflected on the malevolent nature of some of these encounters, which he noted intensified during his involvement in a UFO TV series.

Ventre recounted his experiences after attending a UFO conference, where he encountered a woman with peculiar features reminiscent of what he perceived as a hybrid. He described her gray, bloodshot eyes and overall appearance, which stood out to him. After conversing with her during lunch, she mysteriously vanished from the conference, he recalled. Upon returning home from the conference, Ventre experienced a series of unsettling paranormal events, including hearing banging sounds and movements. He described vivid dreams or possibly out-of-body experiences involving the presence of a strange entity in his room. These experiences persisted for four consecutive nights, leaving him physically and mentally drained. Ventre reported encountering a peculiar humanoid figure during one of these episodes which resembled a child with distinctive features, such as large eyes and abnormal bone protrusions.

According to Ventre, there were UFO sightings reported in locations that align with the trajectory from the conference to his home. This correlation adds another layer of intrigue to his encounters and prompted him to document his experiences in detail. Ventre admitted his notes, particularly about the encounter with the child, contain discrepancies between his recollection and the recorded descriptions of the entities encountered during his episodes, leaving open the possibility of screen memories or altered perceptions. Ventre suggested the unsettling nature of these experiences, and how they blur the line between dreams and reality as well as paranormal and extraterrestrial, have him still grabbling with questions. This highlights the complexities of UFO-related encounters and their impact on individuals' lives.

The final hour of the program was devoted to Open Lines.

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