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Geoengineering Updates / Palmistry & the Soul

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In the first half, activist on geoengineering issues, Matthew Landman shared his contention that the green agenda is actually harmful to nature, as well as reported on the first ever sun-dimming experiment in the SF Bay area. One of the hypocrisies around electric vehicles (EVs) is that some of the battery charging stations, such as one in Nevada, are powered by hundreds of diesel generators, he noted. Landman believes there is a sinister agenda around EVs and 'smart cities' to limit and control people's movements. The recent severe flooding in Dubai was possibly associated with cloud seeding experiments, and some in the media expressed concern that this could be opening the door for weather warfare, he stated.

The sun dimming experiment conducted earlier this month attempted to deflect sunlight away from the planet in an effort to reduce global warming. They used a sprayer on an aircraft carrier that released microscopic sea salt particles into the atmosphere. Such experiments are an attempt to "normalize" chemtrails, which have been secretly going on in the skies for decades, he argued. Eventually, the experimenters may proclaim that salt doesn't stick in the sky as well as aluminum and some other chemicals associated with chemtrails, he continued, as a further normalization of weather modification. Movies like "An Inconvenient Truth" make exaggerations and are part of a propaganda campaign to enforce major changes seemingly to subdue climate change, Landman added.


Vernon Mahabal combines astrology with palmistry to make predictions about trends based on repeated patterns he sees in the thousands of palms he reads. In the latter half, he presented his latest work on the eternal nature of the soul, and who we truly are beyond the physical body. Our spiritual soul resides within the inner core of the heart, he said, "and it is that soul that is actually generating the images of the signs and the symbols, the configurations that are on the hand, even the shapes of the when you're looking at a hand, you're looking at let's say the computer printout or the GPS of the soul itself."

In the ancient Vedic system, the soul is composed of knowledge, happiness, bliss, and eternality, and we are not our material bodies-- they are just vehicles that we're in for a small amount of time, he explained. As a palmist, he said he looks at his clients' previous lives to understand what the soul is working on and its aggregated talents as a way to discover the person's right livelihood. "We're constantly building upon what we have learned and what we have inculcated from previous lifetimes," he commented. During the last hour, he gave readings for callers by asking them to describe aspects of their hands and fingers in relation to their questions.

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