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Illuminati in Pop Culture / Open Lines

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Isaac Weishaupt is the founder of Illuminati Watcher and host of the Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture podcast. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the illuminati in pop culture, specifically examining occult practices and their potential influence on mass events. Weishaupt drew parallels between the concept of ritual magic and the manipulation of subconscious minds, and explored how symbols and sigils are used to focus energy and potentially make contact with other realms. He referenced historical figures like Aleister Crowley and modern practices in the music industry, suggesting that even seemingly innocent events may carry deeper occult significance.

Regarding pop culture events like the Grammy Awards and Super Bowl halftime shows, Weishaupt revealed how they can serve as platforms for the dissemination of occult symbolism to a mass audience. He suggested that the manipulation of symbols and imagery during these events may have a subconscious impact on viewers, contributing to a larger cultural narrative shaped by occult beliefs and agendas. Weishaupt briefly mentioned Taylor Swift's apparent association with numerology and her management team's potential awareness of occult symbolism, noting that her album releases and public appearances may align with occult dates and symbols. He highlighted how Swift's use of numerology, such as releasing her album on April 19 coincided with a 13-day Satanic ritual period.

Weishaupt spoke about the Brotherhood of Saturn, a fraternal organization within ritual magic that incorporates Freemasonic ideas and practices. The Brotherhood views darkness as essential for the manifestation of light, he explained, noting how this reflects a broader occult belief in the balance between light and dark forces. Weishaupt revealed that symbols associated with Saturn, such as the black cube, are utilized in occult rituals to charge up sigils and harness energy. He suggested that secret societies and fraternal organizations perpetuate occult beliefs and practices, and have an influence on pop culture events and public figures.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Blue Diamond in Georgia shared her experiences related to spiritual encounters and biblical teachings, noting a meditation she attended where participants were instructed to lay hands on others for conversion. She recalled feeling her heart open and seeing a vision of interconnectedness. Blue Diamond discussed her Christian upbringing and warned about the deception of an Antichrist figure appearing as Jesus.

Tim from Carson City, Nevada, related a personal story about a 1995 camping trip with his dog in the Sierra Nevada mountains, where he snapped photos with a disposable camera but did not develop the film until nine years later. Among the photos was one of himself and his dog asleep in the tent, which shocked him deeply. Tim could not explain how the picture got there, especially since he did not sense anything odd during the trip. The discovery left him feeling violated and puzzled, he admitted.

Carol in Los Angeles recounted her experience as a child actor in the 1970s, expressing frustration with the lack of protection and support from organizations like the Screen Actors Guild. She mentioned the tragic stories of fellow child actors like Gary Coleman and Dana Plato who faced financial struggles and tragic outcomes. Carol reported on her extensive experience in commercials and TV shows and how mismanagement of earnings by her parents led to financial ruin. She also questioned whether she was sabotaged by a manager and put on some kind of blacklist.

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