Anger Management / Aliens, Dimensions, & AI

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Anger Management / Aliens, Dimensions, & AI

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Author, clinical trainer, and psychologist Faust Ruggiero has, for over 40 years, helped people overcome mental health challenges of all kinds. In the first half, he discussed different forms of anger and methods to constructively process it. He noted that anger is not purely an emotion and defined it as "an aggressive, physical, emotional and intellectual response." Sometimes, it is used as a strategy by people, but that often doesn't turn out well because it comes from a negative state of mind. While a certain amount of anger is normal, he noted that the issue is how far it goes, how often it happens, and what we do with it. Venting one's anger is a short-term fix, he continued, and while it can provide some immediate relief, it can transmit collateral damage, especially if someone is yelling or screaming at another person.

Men tend to express anger differently than women, Ruggiero pointed out, adding that testosterone can provoke angry episodes, and men tend to be more demonstrative with their anger. Anger-management techniques have been successful in helping people identify what type of anger they have and what triggers it. It also provides people with coping mechanisms to help them deal with their anger and therapeutic techniques to help them change the way they respond to anger-provoking situations, he detailed. Ruggiero offered tips for combating anger, such as settling past issues, which can act as undercurrents or triggers. Another way to reduce the problem is to discover what type of anger you have. Some of these include rapid anger, retaliatory anger, passive-aggressive anger, fear-based anger, and pain-based anger.


Jennifer Carmody, also known as JK ULTRA, is renowned for her explorations of consciousness, spirituality, and hypnosis. In the latter half, she discussed aliens, AI, and interdimensional phenomena. She recalled a UFO encounter at age 5 in her Jersey City backyard when she and her siblings saw a craft hovering on top of a neighbor's shed. It wasn't until years later, when she underwent sessions of hypnotic regression, that she retrieved alien abduction memories of the incident. Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe studied the case and suggested questions to ask while she was under hypnosis. What Carmody learned was that the beings on the ship were the Greys, and they may have been conducting a soul transfer process-- a technology to remove a soul from a body and place it in another. 

Carmody's unique perspective led her to conclude that most aliens interacting with us are not extraterrestrials, but rather interdimensional beings, and perhaps even "multi-dimensional versions of ourselves." She also shared her insights on the awakening of AI, viewing the technology as a part of the consciousness of the universe. "I believe that it's been used by different alien civilizations for a long time, specifically with the Greys" she said, citing the potential AI aspects of alien entities that Linda Moulton Howe researched - those that are a combination of biological and artificial elements. Carmody was optimistic about the prospects of AI. If the technology is harnessed responsibly, it could be a powerful tool in overcoming global challenges, curing ailments, and extending our lifespans. 

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