Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid

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Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid

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In the first half, hypnotherapist, abduction researcher, and Director of CERO (Close Encounter Resource Organization), Yvonne Smith, joined George Knapp to discuss the alien abduction phenomenon. Many of her clients have expressed an urgency in finding out what happened to them during the abduction, as they feel they are supposed to do something with the knowledge. They have a sense that events are accelerating and that something is going to happen soon. Smith believes this may portend some kind of disaster or earth changes and, in response, has increased her survival preparedness, such as getting a generator for her home. Regarding their alien encounters, many of her clients have described the small Greys as the ones who abduct them, taller Greys in uniforms aboard the ship, and a "praying mantis"-like being that appears to be in charge of the Greys.

Smith has concluded that the majority of her clients are lifelong experiencers, as well as their family members. In addition, she feels that the alien hybrid program has advanced over the years, such that there are now hybrids who walk among us. Yet, in contrast with researchers like David Jacobs, she does not believe we are undergoing a kind of alien invasion. The aliens still need our genetic material for their hybrid program, she said, and experiencers continue to report being shown hybrid babies and children of different ages, as well as seeing tanks containing human-alien mixes floating in water. Smith will be a presenter at the upcoming Contact in the Desert, which also will feature C2C's George Noory and George Knapp. 


In 2022, FBI agents raided the Rachel, NV, home of Joerg Arnu, the owner of a website,, that claims to reveal secrets about Area 51. Arnu, along with his partner Linda Hellow,  shared an update on their lives since the raid, as well as his recent research into Area 51 and what is going on at the base. He recalled details of the raid in which he said the FBI entered his home, pointed a gun at him, and removed many of his personal belongings, including electronic equipment, various computers, backup drives, a drone, and an expensive camera. Although the agents interrogated him about his possibly using the drone to photograph Area 51 with the drone, he vehemently denied this, and he was never officially charged with a crime. Arnu believes that the OSI (Office of Special Investigations- Air Force) was working in tandem with the FBI.

As Arnu's residence was flooded with agents, their other home in Las Vegas was simultaneously raided, and Linda Hellow detailed the harrowing events as she was "perp walked" to an FBI vehicle. Arnu believes the raid was an attempt to silence his website and served as a "fishing expedition" at the same time to see if they might find anything incriminating, while Hellow commented that the raid ended up just bringing more attention to Area 51. As to what is new at the secretive military base, Arnu cited the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) project that involves a fighter jet flying in formation with an unmanned AI-controlled drone. Possibly connected to this project, he said there is new construction at the southern end of the base that includes a large hangar, data center, and living quarters.

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