19th-Century Paranormal / Near-Death Journey

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19th-Century Paranormal / Near-Death Journey

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Mike Rothmiller served ten years with the LAPD, including five years as a deep undercover detective. In the first half, he shared reports of a wide array of paranormal and unexplained occurrences that were written during the 1800s and early 1900s, including UFOs, Bigfoot, sea serpents, and vampires, though different terminology was often used to describe them. In newspapers from the 1850s to the 1880s, he discovered numerous sightings of airships that were generally described as giant flying objects seen moving at high speed or silently hovering. The witnesses in the newspaper stories were generally respected citizens, and the accounts were written in a matter-of-fact manner, he noted, such as when an airship was observed flying over several states within a matter of hours.

Accounts of Bigfoot-like creatures were often referred to as a "wild hairy man" – said to be 6½ to 7 ft tall, with a muscular build densely covered in hair. Further, they were said to be ape-like with a conical head and were seen in the US and Australia (similar creatures were observed in the Himalayas but had different names), he added. Rothmiller found accounts of how, in 1921, the Indian army was doing maneuvers high up in the mountains and found huge footprints in the snow of something barefoot headed into the snow banks, and they made photographs of the prints. He also detailed reports of sea serpents from the British Admiralty dating back to the 1700s-- huge aquatic creatures that were distinctly different than whales.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her interview with author, speaker, television personality, and UFO researcher Mindy Tautfest about her near-death experience (NDE) and her book "Dying to Meet Them." Her NDE occurred in 2016 due to a medical emergency, she told Cheryll, as she felt a paralyzing fear upon entering a place she called 'the Void.' It was a kind of limbo of deep darkness and scary isolation. She became aware of an immense force all around her that people would refer to as God or the source. "It was permeating everything and encompassed everything that ever was, that ever will be. Everything in creation was within the source in its very primordial form," she revealed.

In this state, Tautfest experienced a deep soul searching and realized that her lack of love for herself was preventing her from living a meaningful existence. Upon that epiphany, she sensed a male entity near her who took her to a beautiful glowing light that he said was a collection of souls and the fabric of humanity, but she was not ready to go there. It was at this moment she found herself back in her body. In the years following the NDE, Tautfest began to pursue her interest in ufology, eventually becoming a State Director of MUFON. She discovered that researcher Dr. Kenneth Ring had published work that found similarities between those who have NDEs and UFO experiences-- these individuals have what he called "encounter-prone personalities" and tend to become more altruistic after their encounters.

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