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Veterinary Medicine

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During the first half of the program, veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein discussed holistic approaches to pet health and well-being and his journey into veterinary medicine. Goldstein revealed he followed his older brother into veterinary school because of his lifelong love for animals. After graduating from Cornell in 1973, he noticed a significant increase in the incidence of cancer among dogs. Cancer was predominantly seen in older dogs, with a reported rate of one in ten, Goldstein explained. Recent studies, such as those cited in his book "Spirit of Animal Healing," show a dramatic rise to one in every 1.61 dogs, he added. This alarming trend prompted him to dedicate his career to understanding and combating this rise in cancer.

Goldstein emphasized the unique bond between humans and their pets, describing them as sources of unconditional love free from the complexities of human relationships. He illustrated this by comparing how pets react to being locked in a closet versus how humans would react. He pointed to the profound impact of pets on their owners, noting that many celebrities have had to halt work due to their pets' illnesses. According to Goldstein, his mission has been to reverse the trend of terminal illnesses in pets through holistic and integrative veterinary practices, seeking to address both the physical and energetic health of animals. His books, including "Nature of Animal Healing," document numerous cases where non-responsive animals have recovered, which supports his belief in the importance of energy medicine alongside traditional veterinary care.

Goldstein reported on the shift towards biologically appropriate diets for pets and highlighted the benefits of freeze-dried food. This method preserves nutrition and is convenient for nationwide distribution, he noted. His freeze-dried pet food has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with many reporting quick health improvements in pets. Goldstein advocated for a balanced approach to pet health which combines conventional and holistic methods to enhance lifespan and quality of life. He also provided his insights on how pets and their owners can share similar health issues due to energetic exchanges and emphasized prevention and integrative care for the overall well-being of pets.


In the third hour, Coast listener John Potter talked about navigating life's challenges after losing his eyesight, which began after he experienced severe stress and depression following the failure of his business in 2018. During this period, he did not seek any medical or psychological help. According to Potter, this neglect led to elevated blood pressure, which eventually caused his optic nerves to clamp and led to the loss of vision in both eyes by August 2019.

Potter revealed how he adapted to life without vision. He uses a cane for mobility, and while he cannot see images or details, he can perceive light flickers and motion close to his eyes. He emphasized the importance of seeking help for mental health issues to prevent severe physical consequences like his own. Despite his blindness, Potter said he maintains a positive outlook, shares his experience to help others, and continues to find joy in life through activities like listening to music and participating in community events.

The last hour of the program featured Open Lines.

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