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Gemstone Wisdom / Paranormal Perspectives

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Gemisphere founder Michael Katz joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss the healing power of gemstones and wisdom from spiritual beings called gemstone guardians, whom he claimed to have met and conversed with in 1988. According to Katz, gemstone guardians are responsible for the energy flow of specific gemstones like quartz, amethyst, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. These guardians oversee the gemstones on Earth and other planets. He explained that communications with them culminated in the guardians requesting Katz compile their discourses into a book that captures their wisdom and experiences, and provides a detailed look at the spiritual and therapeutic qualities of various gemstones.

In these discourses, Katz learned about each gemstone's unique purposes for Earth and humans. For instance, the guardian of quartz revealed how it attracts life force to Earth and individuals wearing therapeutic-quality quartz. These insights extend to other gemstones like amethyst, which aids in communication and wisdom. The book covers these specific qualities and explores broader concepts like Gaia as a living being and the intricate connections between gemstones and human health, Katz said, emphasizing the importance of understanding these qualities to appreciate the true therapeutic potential of gemstones.

Katz highlighted the significance of gemstone quality, focusing on factors like color, clarity, and impurities. He discussed how optimal qualities for each gemstone differ and how these factors impact the stone's therapeutic properties. For example, a ruby's optimal color is a deep "pigeon blood" red, and deviations from this ideal reduce its healing effectiveness. He noted that many commercial gemstones are treated with toxic substances to enhance their appearance, which diminishes their natural energy and therapeutic value. Katz also shared experiences of testing and rejecting such treated stones, and advocating for using natural untreated gemstones to maintain their pure healing vibrations.


Retired psychotherapist Chuck Hall shared his perspective on evaluating evidence of the paranormal. Hall detailed his experiences during graduate school when he had a therapist supervisor who encouraged his interest in the paranormal. He mentioned the necessity for aspiring therapists to undergo psychotherapy themselves to ensure their mental stability, highlighting how his supervisor, who followed Jung's work, played a significant role in fostering his curiosity about the paranormal. This foundation set the stage for his lifelong interest and balanced approach toward paranormal phenomena.

Hall explained his perspective as a "hopeful skeptic" who believes in evaluating paranormal claims on a spectrum of credibility. He compared the legal concepts of "innocent" and "not guilty" to belief and disbelief, emphasizing that a lack of evidence to confirm an extraordinary claim does not necessarily mean the claim is false. This view advocates for maintaining an open mind while demanding sufficient evidence before fully believing in paranormal occurrences, he explained.

Hall recounted his encounters with UFOs and potential Sasquatch sightings. He emphasized the importance of evidence and personal experience in shaping beliefs, noting that while he has seen unexplained phenomena, he remains critical and seeks scientific validation. Hall also touched on the negative impact of hoaxes on the credibility of genuine paranormal research, which underscores the delicate balance between skepticism and belief.

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