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Bigfoot Mysteries / Open Lines

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Wildlife journalist Chester Moore is the Editor-In-Chief of Texas Fish & Game, the host of the "Moore Outdoors" radio show, and the host of the Higher Calling Wildlife and Dark Outdoors podcasts. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to delve into Bigfoot sightings and encounters in the southern United States as compiled in his book, Bigfoot South, now in a new expanded edition. Moore explained that after the publication of the first edition, new reports and eyewitness accounts reignited his interest, and led him to start compiling additional information. This time, he aimed not only to polish the original work but to elevate it with the new insights he had gathered over the intervening years.

When discussing the sources of his Bigfoot stories, Moore noted that hunters provide some of the most compelling accounts, possibly due to their detailed nature and tendency to venture into less-traveled areas. He remained cautious about the authenticity of some reports, drawing distinctions between those who seem genuinely puzzled by what they've seen and those who might be influenced by existing information about Bigfoot. He described how sightings in the southern United States differ from those in other regions, with variations in the size and coloration of the creatures reported, including more frequent sightings of gray and reddish-brown animals.

Moore addressed the possibility that some Bigfoot sightings might be encounters with feral primates, pointing out that areas like Florida have histories of exotic animal facilities where apes could have escaped. This led to the inclusion of a new chapter on feral apes in the second edition of his book. Moore also shared his childhood encounter with a Bigfoot display at the South Texas State Fair. This experience left a lasting impression on him due to the lifelike quality of the exhibit. This encounter, among others, contributed to his broader investigation into the phenomenon and its cultural significance, including indigenous traditions and the differing behaviors reported in various regions.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Tim in California recalled that after hearing a mention of the military being briefed on Bigfoot, he was curious about it and asked his son, who has military clearance, if this was true. Interestingly, his son confirmed that he was indeed briefed about Bigfoot, but not about UFOs or aliens. Tim said this revelation was unexpected and quite surprising. James from Missoula, Montana, recounted his sighting of Bigfoot in Wisconsin, describing it as a tall, human-like creature that turned to look at him before retreating into the woods. He mentioned that he is a songwriter and has started writing a song about the Bigfoot he saw, humorously named "Betty the Yeti."

Meredith in Quartzsite, Arizona, recalled a strange experience of seeing a very tall, unusual woman early one morning. The woman, who Meredith estimated was over six feet tall and moved unnaturally without swinging her arms, appeared out of place and gave off a distinctly non-human vibe. According to Meredith, the encounter left her feeling unsettled and fearful. She speculated that the woman might have been an alien or interdimensional being, but she was not certain. Meredith revealed she was left unnerved due to the woman's strange appearance and behavior, which did not align with typical human actions.


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