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Dreaming of the Future / Campfire Tales

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Author Andrew Paquette joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss personal experiences with precognitive dreams. He recounted a vivid dream he experienced while living in Amsterdam in 1985 when he narrowly avoided a potentially deadly mugging. In the dream, he was attacked by two men on a familiar street and was shot in the neck while attempting to grab their gun. The physical sensations of the injury felt extremely real, Paquette recalled, noting he even experienced an out-of-body sensation. He was shocked and questioned the significance of the dream, ultimately deciding to return to New York.

As Paquette prepared to leave Amsterdam, he found himself on the very street from his dream for the first time since initially visiting it. Despite dismissing the dream's significance, he was confronted by two men who mirrored the attackers in his dream. Recognizing the escalating similarity to his dream and seeing an alley he hadn't noticed, he felt a strong urge to avoid being taken there. He distracted the attackers by speaking in Dutch, which caused enough confusion for him to escape.

Once in New York, Paquette's girlfriend, who later became his wife, insisted the dream had been a warning that helped him avoid a fatal outcome. Despite initially dismissing this, his experiences and frequent prophetic dreams began to challenge his staunch materialist views. Paquette revealed he started journaling his dreams to disprove their prophetic nature. Contrary to his expectations, however, his dreams frequently predicted future events, sometimes with remarkable accuracy. Paquette had to acknowledge the possibility of precognitive dreams, which led to a significant transformation in his beliefs about dreams and their potential connection to future events.


Author Jim Harold shared incredible paranormal stories from his latest volume of Campfire tales. Ed from Texas told Harold about a chilling experience from 2004 when Ed worked at a paper mill in Pomona, California. One night, while assigned to the basement to process newsprint, he encountered something inexplicable — a figure crawling on the floor about 30 feet away. Ed described the figure as resembling a human but moving with inhuman swiftness. It wore a short-sleeved blue shirt, like a work uniform, but Ed was unable to discern its face. Disturbed by the encounter, Ed later found that a colleague had a similar experience on the same night. They eventually discovered the mill had a history of fatalities, including a summer intern crushed by a filing cabinet, Harold reported.

Jennifer from Idaho recounted a fascinating tale from the early 1980s when she and a friend decided to walk down decommissioned railroad tracks to a local lake. About a mile from home, they came upon a clearing with a couple of houses and a raspberry thicket. An older woman, whom they dubbed Mrs. Raspberry, invited them to pick raspberries. After enjoying the berries, they continued to the lake and then headed back home. Later when they returned, they found no trace of houses, raspberry bushes, or Mrs. Raspberry. Jennifer's grandmother confirmed there had been houses there in the 1920s before the railroad was built. Jennifer and her friend may have momentarily stepped into a past era and interacted with someone from that time, Harold suggested.

Mariah from Pennsylvania shared a terrifying Ouija board experience from her teenage years. She and her friend would use an Ouija board to communicate with a spirit named Gale. One night, they propped the board on a broken, unplugged guitar amp. As they communicated with the board, the amp, despite being broken and unplugged, clicked on and emitted sounds like an old radio tuner searching for a station. The room filled with an eerie atmosphere, and they heard a deep, Southern man's voice proclaim, "The devil is real." The amp then clicked off, leaving the girls petrified. They never experienced anything like it again, Harold noted.

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