Mineral Medicine / Healing Ancestral Energy

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Mineral Medicine / Healing Ancestral Energy

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Pat Miletich is a US kickboxing champion who has trained law enforcement and military personnel for 25 years. In the first half, he discussed how he healed his lifelong respiratory illness, which eventually led him to study soil. He discovered that the same principles that strengthen soil and crops work for every living organism on the planet. Miletich emphasized the importance of recognizing the impact of environmental toxins on human health and offered insights into how to remove these toxins and nourish cells and mitochondria with high-grade nutrients that can also improve the immune system. The nutrient-rich supplement he is promoting is sourced from a living peat bog and has concentrated nutrients from over 1500 different types of plants that have decomposed for over 60,000 years, he said.

To avoid chemicals and pesticides from store-bought produce, he recommended growing one's own food. In that regard, he is working with the company Environotics, which offers microbial solutions for transforming or reclaiming the soil and compost in your home garden and for agricultural uses. The microbes, he explained, can treat land and soil that has been weakened by chemical exposure by converting "all those toxins into essential fatty acids, colloid nutrients, and beneficial nutrients for plants, humans, and animals."


In the latter half, one of the world's leading authorities on energy healing and mind-body medicine, Dr. Shelley Kaehr shared her newly published technique to heal ancestral energy and trauma within the cells of the body. The wisdom of our ancestors, as well as the struggles they went through, are embodied in us and our DNA, she said. To get in touch with this, Kaehr developed the process of "genealogical regression" (a term she coined), in which a person envisions meeting with the higher souls of their parents or ancestors. In this state that she guides clients into, they can send healing energy to past traumatic events involving their ancestors and trace that healing through to the present.

By consciously sending healing light to one's ancestors, "then it can be very, very beneficial because when they receive that healing, we're also receiving that healing," she explained. The work bears some similarities to past life therapy, she noted, and can be highly cathartic or emotional as the ancestors are perceived as part of our family. We could think of the process as a kind of time travel, she mused, where we're able to actually go back and send the energy to others and "hopefully create a shift in the space fabric that's moving from that early time up through now and starting to change things around us."

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