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In the first half, professional astrologer Leslie McGuirk discussed how to use astrology to improve our lives, as well as her predictions for the second half of 2024. She described astrology as a special language written in natal charts, planetary movements, and the four elements. "I like to tell stories to people about their charts, explaining why they are the way they are, and getting them to like it," she admitted. McGuirk related the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water to the four tires of a car. Sometimes one or more of the tires are flat, she claimed, and pumping them up can get a person back on the road to wellbeing. "If you can find out what element you're missing or what you're low in… it can help so much," she said. She told listeners about her weaker connection to the element of air, and how she finds strength in speaking through the airwaves. "Being on your radio show is a naturally good thing for me," McGuirk stated. She also spoke about the meaning of Mercury in retrograde, a topic she explores in depth in her book The Power of Mercury. "It appears from planet Earth as if [Mercury's] going backwards," she shared. "This is a weird time… because Mercury is the planet of communication."

McGuirk also provided listeners with a forecast for the remainder of the year. "Pluto, which is the planet of transformation, life, and death, is going through a giant transformation into a new zodiac sign," she observed, also mentioning that this marks the end of a 20-year cycle. Until this intense transformation completes around November 18th, she said it's crucial to embrace change in all its forms. In regard to Mercury retrogrades, she noted that there are two coming up before the end of the year – between August 4th and August 28th, as well as between November 25th and December 15th. While most people should brace for the planet's destabilizing forces, she said that those born during a Mercury retrograde will actually experience powerful and positive changes. "I was born during one of those periods," she shared. "It's like the sun shines for me." McGuirk pointed out more powerful forces to come, with an upcoming lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 17th and a solar eclipse in Libra on October 2nd, but notes that next year will usher in more stability. "Trust me, 2025 will start to get easier," she predicted, "and it's not really until 2026 that we can relax a bit."


In the second half, artist Laurie Majka spoke about messages she has received from the Other Side following the death of her soulmate in 2012. Majka told listeners of the deep connection she formed with musician Mark Abrahamian of the rock group Starship, and how she sensed his death from a heart attack despite the two having drifted apart. It wasn't long before her radio started delivering communications from the beyond with uncanny occurrences related to Starship's songs. "When our loved ones die… they're absolutely connected to us," Majka said. "They can reach us through all kinds of different means." One of the strongest signs appeared on a license plate after her first concert following Abrahamian's death. "I was just talking to Mark in my head and asking him if he would have attended this concert with me," she shared. "We stopped behind the car in front of us, and the car's license plate said 'soulmate': S-O-L-M-A-T-E… and I began asking him, is this you?" Years later, right after relaying this story to her sister during a car ride, an Arizona plate appeared on the road ahead sporting the letters S-O-U-L-M-8. "When those things happen… I think it's impossible for me to just ignore it," she confessed. "They're pulling out the stops to really get your attention."

Majka shared her passion for writing and painting with Abrahamian serving as her muse. "I filled an entire notebook with signs he had sent me, and two months later he came to me in a dream," she said. "He looked me in the eye and said to me, 'I am most proud of our story.'" Her curiosity with the Other Side inspired her to explore the psychedelic "God molecule" DMT. She stressed the importance of consuming it in the presence of a spiritual guide. "I do it in a way that I feel very protected by the shaman who watches over me, holds space, and makes sure that I am completely safe," Majka said. She described encountering "massive vibrations of light" on these journeys.

Speaking more about Abrahamian, she told listeners how he knew she was coming on the show to talk about their story. According to Majka, a Starship song titled "It's Not Over" played on the radio right before she went on air. "I feel closer to Mark now, absolutely… than I did when he was still on this planet." To see more of Majka's work, visit her YouTube channel.

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