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Manifesting Goals / Shamanistic Practices

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In the first half, speaker and executive coach Finnian Kelly shared his step-by-step process for manifesting intentionality into success. He defined intentionality as identifying how you want to feel and then taking incremental steps toward making that a reality. Kelly advocates using breathwork to align your mind, particularly with the subconscious, and what he calls the "infinite intelligence of universal mind," which might also be considered the unified field or ultimate source of energy. The universal mind mirrors what you actually believe in your subconscious, and simply observing one's breathing enables a person to pause and consciously look at what is happening in their subconscious, he explained.

With slow breathing, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which stops us from being in our thinking mind and allows us to enter the present moment, he continued. In this state, a person can avoid negative perceptions or beliefs about themselves and, in doing so, manifest positive energy and goals, as there is a universal principle that like attracts like, Kelly indicated. He shared a manifestation formula that begins with clarifying what your desires are and the feelings you want to experience. You can then create a "little movie scene that symbolizes that you have what you already wanted. So if you wanted a partner, you wouldn't focus on finding a partner. You would absolutely focus on a movie scene where you're introducing your partner to your mom, because that would symbolize you've already found her or him," he outlined.


In the latter half, author Matthew Pallamary discussed shamanic practices and ceremonies in the jungle, including the use of psychedelic plant medicines like ayahuasca. He detailed a 10-day program he does in the jungle that involves a cleansing diet and various visionary plants. "Your perception gets more refined. It gets very clear. You start having telepathic experiences. And you really feel like you become a part of the jungle," he said of the experience. Highlighting the importance of altering one's perception to gain new perspectives and understandings, he noted that insights from ayahuasca can be similar to what is gleaned from some types of therapy.

You discover who you are by going into your shadow and integrating those parts of yourself that you have denied, he remarked, adding that every time you bring these parts back to yourself, you're bringing in the energy that you've had to use to keep various traumas in place, and as a result of this, energy becomes more available to you and your awareness expands. The center of the universe is located between one's eyes, he declared, and this represents the shift from personality-centered to essence-centered awareness. Pallamary also talked about his fiction writing process and how the art of storytelling is a form of magic-- the word 'spelling' actually comes from the notion of casting a spell, he pointed out.

During the last half-hour, George featured a replay of his 2/27/15 interview with author and news director Forrest Carr on the potential of a zombie apocalypse.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates, Paul Petersen

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