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Natural Remedies / Financial Horrors

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health. He emphasized the role of calorie intake, intermittent fasting, and intestinal health in preventing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders. "Calorie intake is the single most controllable and modifiable lifestyle factor that we can employ to feel better, to live longer, and to address all 100% of chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer," he remarked, adding that fasting can be a powerful and inexpensive strategy to combat health issues. We only need about 1000 to 1200 calories a day, but most of us are consuming double that, he noted.

All chronic health challenges are related to the intestine, to bacteria in the intestine, and to what's called leaky gut, he asserted. And by working on intestinal health, which starts with healthy food, you can begin to resolve these issues, Fuchs said. He talked about the condition known as SIBO-- small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in which bacteria leak into the small intestine and cause problems. Regarding the recent popularity of drugs like Ozempic for weight loss, he cautioned against them, as a user can lose lean muscle mass and connective tissue along with the unwanted fat. For more, check out the Critical Health News YouTube channel, where Ben is featured on live shows such as "Pharmacist Fridays."


In the latter half, attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza shared tips on estate planning and asset protection as well as horror stories related to money, including lottery winners whose lives were ruined by their windfall, and con-artists who befriended wealthy people and sucked their estates dry. We are living in a very litigious society, but "what people don't realize is that they are more likely to be in court with a former loved one than with a stranger. So we need to learn about legal protections to keep ourselves safe," she commented. For people who own their home, she suggested that they don't leave it in their name but rather think about putting it in an LLC, a limited liability partnership, an S corporation, or a trust as a way to shield themselves from legal liabilities.

She detailed the unfortunate story of a retired judge who put his house in his daughter's name so she could avoid having to probate his will, and as a way to protect the property from his future possible nursing home stay. But in an unforeseen tragic turn, the daughter, in her early 30s, died in a car accident, and the homeownership went to her husband, who eventually booted the judge out of the house. With lottery winners, she's observed that they often blow through their money within two years, buying expensive toys and then giving funds to friends, family, and hangers-on. "So my rule of thumb is," Carozza said, "whether it's an extra $200 that comes your way, or 200 million, the advice is the same: put a little bit in savings, use a little bit to pay down debt, save a little bit for taxes, and give some of it to a reputable charity, because that is going to do something good in this world."

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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