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Natural Remedies / Strange Utah Tales

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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach addressed the human body and its ability to achieve natural healing via the benefits of natural remedies and supplements that aid the body's recovery from chronic conditions that plague Americans today. He attributed a number of ailments, including tinnitus and atrial fibrillation, to osteoporosis of the skull and noted that each of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves may be associated with different symptoms. He recommends a diet free of fried foods, processed meats, oils, gluten, and sugar to help avoid this.

Doc Wallach, a proponent of using colloidal silver drops to fend off colds and infections, is currently focused on combating metabolic syndrome. He believes this syndrome, which is associated with abdominal obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, and heart disease, is primarily brought on by nutritional deficiencies. His view challenges the mainstream medical position that it's more related to genetics.


Inspired by his own experiences with the unknown, John Olsen has spent 30 years interviewing and documenting stories of those who have witnessed the strange and unusual in the western United States. In the latter half, he shared his latest firsthand accounts of ghosts, hauntings, cryptids, UFOs, and unexplained phenomena, with a particular focus on reports from Utah. One such tale came from a man who said his father had been an archaeologist/professor for a Utah university, and when they were on an Anasazi tribe dig near the Four Corners area, if the team stayed too late, they would see huge orbs of light that would basically chase them out of the area. One night, the archaeologist was by himself at the site and heard heavy footsteps following him back to his car. The next day, the team discovered enormous wolf tracks from the dig site to the professor's car. The wolf tracks extended out into the desert, and as team members followed them, they were astonished to see them change into a barefoot human track.

Another fascinating account Olsen shared concerned a man who grew up in the Salt Lake Valley, and as a young boy, he would see a doppelganger of himself appear on the playground and in different places, and this was often the harbinger of a death in the family. He found out later that he had a twin that died when he was born, and wondered if it was the spirit of his brother he was seeing. But in working with a psychic, he learned that the doppelganger was actually a negative entity that attached itself to him and used the illusion of a doppelganger. Another story from a person's childhood concerned a woman who grew up in an abusive home, but whenever her father came home drunk, an elderly woman would show up and take her by the hand and hide her in the back of the closet, saving her from her father's wrath. It was only later, as the girl grew older that she realized that the woman was not a family member and her appearance was inexplicable.

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