New Paradigm of the Mind / Remote Viewing & Ingo Swann

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New Paradigm of the Mind / Remote Viewing & Ingo Swann

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Doug Matzke is a scientist, researcher, and presenter in his areas of expertise on hyperdimensional mathematics, quantum computing, intelligence, and metaphysics. In the first half, he argued on behalf of a new paradigm-- that the mind is separate from the brain. Certain practices and phenomena like precognition, remote viewing, OBEs, NDEs, and telepathy support the notion of an expansive, non-local mind that exists in a hyper-dimensional space, he stated. Matzke characterized the universe as a "hyper big cloud" of informational and computational systems, existing before the Big Bang. During paranormal phenomena like telepathy, the mind is connecting with that cloud, he explained.

The notion that our mind is much more powerful than our brain, and even the limits of time and space, leads to the realization that we have much more control over our existence, he indicated. As such, he does not believe that AI will ever lead to general intelligence like in humans, as there is no mechanism for meaning. Matzke shared his hyper-dimensional model of "bit-physics": Infinite sets of bit-vectors form the simulation infrastructure for all of our physical universe and all of the virtual universe of our minds.


Paul H. Smith served for seven years in the government's Star Gate remote viewing psychic espionage program. In the latter half, he discussed the "Father of Remote Viewing," Ingo Swann, and Ingo's work remote viewing the far side of the Moon. Smith recalled being trained by Swann in the remote viewing protocols he set up, which included being given a target, writing down what the mind sees, and making sketches of it. The CIA, though not necessarily believing in its validity, became interested in the remote viewing program after discovering the Russians were spending a lot of money on ESP research, Smith noted.

Swann became fascinated by what is known as transient lunar phenomena (anomalous lights and color changes) which led him to remote view the Moon, and Smith was tasked with this target as well. One of the things that was jointly reported by Smith, Swann, and a third remote viewer, without any communication between them, was the location of a tunnel "that went down into the Moon...and into a huge chamber or cavern underneath that was partially natural, but had been engineered and expanded through some artificial means," he revealed. For more on Ingo's work, Smith referenced researcher Daz Smith's remote viewing magazine "Eight Martinis," which has free online downloads.

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