Crop Circles, Predictions, & Art Bell's Mom

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Appearing in the first half, author Krsanna Duran discussed connections between crop circles, the Mayan calendar & 2012, and eclipses, based on the number 52. She said she correctly predicted power grid interruptions and failures. Duran also addressed magnetic anomalies, biblical prophecy, and changing weather. Art compares her predictions to issues described in his book "The Quickening."

In the last 2 hours, for the only time ever, Art Bell's mother (whom he calls "Ma Bell") visited Pahrump in-studio and answered listener questions. She tells us what Art was like as a little boy, his fascination with guns at an early age and his love of electronics. "Ma Bell" also talks about her stint as a Marine drill sergeant and tells about her harrowing taxi ride on the way to the airport to see Art.

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