Astronomy & Space / Roswell & Varginha UFO Cases

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Astronomy & Space / Roswell & Varginha UFO Cases

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Richard Berendzen is a credentialed scientist who has examined the fields of physics, astronomy, and more. Berendzen said it was frustrating that we will probably never reach even the nearest stars - even at the speed of light, but he hoped we could take the first steps in human history to get there. He mentioned his belief that it is virtually impossible that we are the only beings living in the universe. They discussed SETI and radio astronomy and the concepts of how space and time are connected.

In the latter half, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman joined the program from his home in Canada. He was the original investigator in the Roswell case in the 1970s. He first talked about his career in physics and science and then giving his first UFO lecture in the mid-1960s. After 1970, he went full-time as a UFO speaker.

His latest book on MJ-12 was coming out in a few months, and Friedman said that it made a strong case that some of the MJ-12 documents were legitimate and help prove Roswell is indeed true. Friedman also talked about possible pieces of the Roswell saucer, and people who saw them as well as those who may still have them. He also touched on his recent trip to Brazil, and his investigation into the Varginha case, which included a story involving captured alien bodies.

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