Anything Goes Open Lines

Anything Goes Open Lines


HostArt Bell

For this night of Open Lines, Art wanted to devote this show to absolutely nothing – anything goes. In the first hour, Art reported that the Timothy McVeigh trial had been given to the jury, and he didn't think it would be a very long deliberation. He also announced that scientists in Spain had found the remains of what could be the oldest known European-- the remains of a boy determined to be 780,000 years old.

Art mentioned that many people ask him if he is a Christian. He responded that in general terms he is, he does believe Christ walked the earth. A fax came in from a man calling himself a Christian, although he is a revengeful person. Art agreed that he would meet a threat "with deadly force" if someone came after him or his family.

Art predicted that by 2002, a cell phone would no longer be a convenience – it would be a necessity. A caller discussed how he and a bunch of the other late-night co-workers bought Ed Dames’ remote viewing tapes, but he had no idea what he would do with the new skill. A female caller said there was a "lilt" in Art's voice that she had never heard before. Another topic that came up was that of "rods," a curious aerial phenomenon picked up on cameras. Art talks about how it seems he is consistently in some type of trouble.

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