Biblical Mysteries

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Biblical Mysteries

About the show

A spiritual leader, historian, and scholar, (the late) Father Charles Moore shared captivating stories, theories, and facts he uncovered in his travels to ancient and mysterious sites. Based on ancient records, Moore believed that a bolide or meteor caused the great flood of Noah, and that the ancient Sumerian gods friendly to man warned just one person beforehand, which was the origin of the Bible story.

He also said that there was evidence that the life of Buddha was remarkably similar to the story of Jesus as described in the Bible, which caused him to remark that "Jesus grafted a Buddhist shoot on a Jewish root." Moore claimed that the third secret of Fatima (as told to him by researcher Graham Hancock) was that there would be a meteorite crash on June 30 of 1999, which would end life as we know it.

Beginning in the third hour, Father Moore answered questions and debated listeners on various points related to his ideas and scripture. The first hour consisted of news and Open Lines.