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Stem Cell Research

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Dr. Ronald Klatz, founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, delved into the current controversy over stem cell research. Stem cells, which he explained are "progenitor cells" that can eventually become over 200 different types of cells, have been found in human and animal testing to have astonishing healing properties, he detailed. For instance, if injected into a person with cardiac tissue damage, the stem cells can initiate a repair process in the damaged or scar tissue areas.

But the technology is being actively suppressed in the United States by the religious establishment, which associates stem cells with abortions, Klatz commented. However, he pointed out that embryonic stem cells can actually be taken from amniotic fluid, which doesn't harm the fetus. He speculated that the pharmaceutical industry may also have a hand in the suppression of research, because if stem cell treatments take off, this will likely make the populace less reliant on pills and medications. Klatz also touched on developments in anti-aging, saying there is a "pipeline full of incredible technology" on the horizon. For example, he cited early detection systems, such as PET scans, that can discover cancer tumors before they can be observed otherwise.

First-hour guest, explorer Bonnie Crystal reported on her discoveries and experiences during her expedition to a Peruvian cave. One unusual finding was that of Asian-style letters and pictographs on a cave wall that she speculated might indicate that Asian people visited the South American continent earlier than thought. She also described a rock carving that looked like a "grey alien." Crystal, who at the time, said she'd be continuing her Peruvian expeditions for another month, described her experience at some of the caves as like going into a time machine of the past, due to their untouched nature.

One passage she entered "was like walking into a geode [that was] like being inside a fabulous array of jewels," she noted. Crystal sent us a series of photos documenting her cave explorations in South America.

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