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Cold Fusion & Energy

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The late Wayne Green was an American publisher, writer, and consultant. He was also licensed by the FCC as an amateur radio operator, and was involved in a number of controversies and disputes in the Ham Radio world. Art and Wayne talked about amateur radio compared to CB. They both noted that it isn't difficult to get a license.

Green discussed cold fusion and stated his belief that "within a year" we would see the first cold fusion products on the market, even though there would be considerable resistance from conventional power companies. Green said it was a source of energy that costs about a tenth of fossil fuels with virtually no negative side effects or pollution.

He also claimed that AIDS was not really a virus, that the drug AZT did not help, and pointed out some of the negative issues with the company that makes the drug. He further claimed that aspects of the cold fusion process could treat AIDS as well as the Ebola virus. The last hour featured Open Lines.

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