Psychokinesis & Remote Viewing

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Psychokinesis & Remote Viewing

About the show

Dr. John E. Haaland was the president and CEO of PEAR Inc., a company formed to develop and commercialize the technologies associated with the work of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab. The lab focused primarily on two areas-- the ability of the mind to affect matter (psychokinesis) and remote perception (remote viewing).

Haaland discussed the basics of remote viewing and his own experiences with the phenomenon. He related how it could even be used to influence people to think certain thoughts. He introduced a software program called ShapeChanger. The object was to use one's mind to change pictures on a computer screen. Haaland also described a true random number generator that his company had invented and how it was utilized in the software.

The idea of telekinesis has always been present, but Haaland said we might be able to harness it eventually. The discussion turned to how plants react to speech and thought, and his theory of how to mentally influence them.

The first hour presented Open Lines and news, as well as a public apology from skeptic Kal Korff, who had angered Art with false statements the night before.

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