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John Keel, (the late) famous Fortean researcher and author of many books on UFOs and other strange phenomena, talked to Art about his landmark book "The Mothman Prophecies" and other weirdness he's encountered such as the Men In Black. The Mothman sightings occurred in 1966-7 in Point Pleasant, WV and surrounding areas, and there were reports of accompanying paranormal occurrences like poltergeists, Keel detailed. UFOs flying low above the river in Point Pleasant were also repeatedly spotted. They were the size of beach balls and glowed brightly in different colors, he said.

The description of Mothman having red eyes also applies to Bigfoot sightings, he noted. During Keel's investigation in Point Pleasant, he started receiving strange phone calls where he would hear "mechanical" voices that sometimes made correct predictions such as the ML King assassination, as well as a terrible accident on the Ohio River. He was afraid that one of the chemical factories along the river would blow up, but it turned out instead to be the collapse of the Silver Bridge in which 46 people died on December 15, 1967. A witness said she saw two suspicious 'Men in Black' on the bridge just days before the collapse.

The first hour featured news and Open Lines. Noted crypozoologist Loren Coleman called in at the end of Open Lines.

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