Global Consciousness Experiment

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Global Consciousness Experiment

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Celebrated scientist and author Dean Radin talked about consciousness and psychic phenomena, as well as discussed Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project, also known as the EGG Project. The EGG Project uses about 70 random event generators (called "eggs") scattered around the globe to measure the "pulse of the planet," Radin said. The eggs produce a continuous sequence of fundamentally unpredictable numbers, he explained, but sometimes their behavior changes, and the eggs begin simultaneously generating non-random results.

A formal analysis of several events measured by the EGG Project has shown a 50,000 to 1 chance of order (non-random results) appearing when there should not have been any, and precursor readings 2-4 hours in advance of the event itself, Radin noted. Terrorist attacks tend to set off the egg network, he pointed out, citing the large effect measured in 1998 when two U.S. embassies in Africa were bombed by al Qaeda.

Radin also offered a quantum mechanical explanation for psychic phenomena involving something called "bio-entanglement," commented on remote viewing/influencing, and shared results from the Love Study. According to Radin, the 40-couple Love Study showed that "one person's thought does have an impact on another person's body." The first hour featured news and Open Lines.

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