Gov't Disinformation Programs

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Gov't Disinformation Programs

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Author and researcher Greg Bishop shared the story of a government-authorized campaign of disinformation that markedly affected the life of the late Paul Bennewitz. According to Bishop's account, Bennewitz detected strange lights and radio signals coming from an Air Force Base next to Albuquerque. He believed he had stumbled upon alien communications, possibly the beginning signs of an invasion. Alarmed, Bennewitz contacted the military and other government agencies.

In the second half of hour 2, a surprise guest, counter-intelligence officer Richard Doty joined the show. Doty claimed that Bennewitz was close to uncovering military secrets, so the government began a disinformation campaign against him to keep him believing the signals and lights were of alien origin. Bennewitz ended up in mental institution for a couple of months, a tragedy for which Doty feels some remorse.

Doty also claimed to have fed disinformation to Coast guest Linda Moulton Howe. Among Doty's other startling revelations during the program were that Roswell actually happened, a living alien was recovered, and the government was involved in cattle mutilations. The first hour featured news and Open Lines.

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