Intuition, PSI, & Other Realms

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Intuition, PSI, & Other Realms

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Paranormal researcher and cognitive psychologist Dr. Laurie Nadel discussed her quest to quantify and enhance intuition and consciousness, as well as to understand other planes of existence. She reported that shamans in South America practice an ancient form of remote viewing called 'psychonavigation' which combines mental focus with an altered state of consciousness.

There is some evidence that traumatic events can open a person up to PSI abilities, she commented. As a journalist in the 1970's, she covered a difficult assignment in Chile, and then moved to New York City. She described bizarre encounters in her apartment that included hearing strange voices and seeing a red eye materialize on a wall. A spokesperson for the American Society for Psychical Research suggested to her that a psychic gateway was opening up, allowing for an expansion of intuitive abilities. A survey of successful CEOs show that 62% of them trust and act upon their intuitions, she noted.

Nadel said that after 9-11, orbs were observed visibly floating in the area of the World Trade Center and photographed in the subway stations near there. She believes they could represent "non-physical energetic presences," possibly of the attack victims before they moved on to the next realm. She has also studied Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), interviewing Ernst Senkowski about his experiments in capturing the voices of non-physical entities.

The first hour consisted of news and Open Lines.

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