Gun Laws & Self-Protection

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Gun Laws & Self-Protection

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Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst Alexander Jason spoke about gun law and self-protection scenarios. He recalled his testimony in court cases and how clients sometimes ask him not to say certain things, but he would not hold back if asked for his opinion, even if it could potentially hurt his client's case.

Jason spoke extensively about the laws surrounding the use of deadly force. "You cannot use deadly force unless your life or the life of someone is threatened," he said, and described how to talk to the police if you used a gun to protect yourself. "If it was justified and you can explain what happened," he advised, there should be little cause for concern. He added that one should reply without elaboration, although if unsure about what you should say, reserve the right to speak to an attorney first. He did add that taking this course of action may require jail time until more facts can be ascertained. He concluded that it is "difficult to maintain a lie."

Beginning in the second hour, Jason took questions from listeners about various aspects of gun law as well as crime and self-protection scenarios.

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