HAARP Experiments

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HAARP Experiments

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Inventors Guy Cramer and Dr. Joseph Resnick shared their expertise in the area of HAARP (the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which is based in Alaska. Resnick said his patents were used in HAARP's phased array antenna system and that because many of the facility's experiments were classified, he could only talk about information that was in the public domain.

Cramer, a Canadian, was freer to speculate on HAARP's uses, and said he believes its primary purpose is defensive. Specifically, he noted that HAARP was capable of disabling ballistic missiles and it's also used for communications with submarines and ground penetrating radar. Resnick pointed out that the project has beneficial non-military uses, such as when ELF (electromagnetic fields) were shown to promote plant growth and bee productivity.

HAARP was used to bounce transmissions off the moon and then back to Earth, by sending a signal through a hole in the ionosphere in 2001, Cramer detailed. Patents allude to HAARP being able create a nuclear explosion without radiation, such as by detonating a blimp filled with methane, he continued. Cramer did not feel that HAARP was used for mind control per se, but that it could overdose an area with positive ions, which could "take the fight out of soldiers." He also suggested that HAARP is working in tandem with and/or a cover story for up to two other similar or more powerful arrays in Alaska.

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