Varginha UFO Case

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Varginha UFO Case

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(The late) Dr. Roger Leir, a physician and UFO researcher, updated the 1996 Varginha, Brazil incident which involved the crash of a craft and sightings of live alien beings. Unlike the United States, he said there is a greater openness in Brazil, and less effort made to cover-up the facts.

Recently having returned from there, he said he spoke with a doctor who treated one of the recovered alien entities. The being, which didn't appear to have a gender, telepathically communicated to him that humans were "totally detached" from their spiritual selves and it felt sorry for them. The doctor said the alien was transferred to another hospital in "satisfactory condition," but was apparently dead within 24 hours. Leir speculated that the being may have left its body on its accord. The alien's craft, he was told, was taken to a military installation in the US, where it currently remains.

Leir also discussed his work removing alien implants, which he had done with 12 different patients. They "certainly represent a technology that is not terrestrial," he said of the small objects he has extracted. They typically show no "portal of entry" and often have electromagnetic properties, he noted. The first hour featured news and Open Lines.

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