Inside the Philadelphia Experiment

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Inside the Philadelphia Experiment

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Al Bielek (1927–2011) joined Art for a discussion of the Philadelphia Experiment. He detailed the history of alleged official research into invisibility and time travel. Bielek said this began in 1938 and stepped up in 1940, just before WWII. He described the technical details which dealt with the physics of time. According to Bielek, Albert Einstein was involved as an advisor and administrator, and Nikola Tesla was the director. The Navy's goal was to make a ship's radar invisible, but it became optically invisible as well.

Bielek stated that a few different experiments were being conducted, using equipment that created strong electric and magnetic fields, with increasing effects in each. During a preliminary test, Bielek reported a "wavering" of the visual image of the ship, which then became optically and radar invisible. He said that afterward, the sailors were "totally sick, totally nauseous and mentally out of it and couldn't even think straight."

In the last and most well-known test with the USS Eldridge, for which he was on the ship, there was a "blue flash," and the battleship disappeared for about 4 hours, he claimed. He jumped overboard and asserted that he traveled through time to 1983 and the Montauk base, where he was told to return to 1943 and complete the test. When he did, he claimed that he saw some of the sailors embedded in the steel of the ship and dying. Throughout the program, Art referred to a sensational photo "smuggled out of Area 51" which purported to be a still from an interrogation with an alien being. The image is featured in a 2009 documentary.

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