Open Lines & Canadian Callers

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Open Lines & Canadian Callers

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In this full 5-hour Open Lines show, many different topics were addressed. Art opened with an update on Dannion Brinkley's health issues. Art reported that the blood clots in Brinkley's brain were slowly decreasing, possibly thanks to prayers and well-wishes from listeners. Art asked a woman what she would do with a suitcase full of nukes, and she responded, "I can't think of anything right now because my husband has only been dead for 2 days."

In hour two, Frances Emma Barwood called to announce that she had won a recent election. Barwood was the Phoenix city councilwoman who fought for more openness about the Phoenix Lights UFO case.

Art later said that the American Chemical Society was about to allege that radiation from the atomic tests in Nevada had leaked into the environment. Due to countless requests, Art repeated his UFO sighting story. In hour 3, the lines were opened for Canadian listeners only, and many called in from vastly different areas with accompanying accents and stories.

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