Inventing a Time Machine

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Inventing a Time Machine

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In the first half of the show, Steven Gibbs, who described himself as an inventor and entrepreneur, talked about his claims of inventing a time machine that would allow users to physically visit any time in the past or future. Gibbs said he was contacted in 1981 by his "future self from a different universe," which told him to start working on the project. He described the concepts and technology behind his time machine, and said it was based on amplifying the body's own "soul energy."

Gibbs said the process of time travel was as simple as concentrating on the date you want, and the machine would transport you there. He claimed to have sold over 100 of his devices with no complaints and added that most of his customers wanted to travel back to earlier times when there was less pollution, and people were more "kind and loving to one another."

He explained that he manufactures each machine by hand in his office and his mother’s basement and that a fringe benefit of its use is that all ailments and injuries can be healed permanently by traveling back to a time before you had them and then returning to the present time. The remainder of the program featured news and Open Lines.

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